Barnes Infant Academy does not expect parents to ask staff to administer medication unless it is absolutely essential, however, we have an increasing number of children attending school with medical conditions. Schools, acting in loco parentis, have a duty to take reasonable care of children which includes the possibility of having to administer prescribed medication.
Barnes Infant Academy will make every effort to safeguard the health and safety of pupils who may be more at risk than their peers because of existing medical conditions.
Staff will be asked to administer medication if:
  • It needs to be administered four times a day and is necessary that this takes place during school hours
  • It has been prescribed by a health professional, e.g. doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist
What you must do
If your child needs medicine at school it is essential that safe procedures are established. Please follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Proof of prescription
All medicine must be prescribed by a doctor and brought into the school office by the child’s parent or carer. Medicine packs and bottles must show the prescription label with your child’s name and dosage required.
Step 2: Read and fill in the consent form (see links below)
Please do not simply send medicine into school with your child. School documentation must be completed which shows you consent to an appropriate school staff member administering your child’s medication on your behalf. Please read the links below:
Medication Leaflet
Managing Medication Policy with Consent Form
First aid treatment is available from trained members of staff in the event of an accident.
For more information on how Barnes Infant Academy manage medication please visit the links above or speak to Mrs Hughes, Mrs Charlton or Miss Hetherington.