Friends of Barnes

Who we are

FoBs are the mums, dads and carers of pupils at Barnes Infant Academy; all parents/carers automatically become a member when their children join our school.
FoBs exists to foster a ‘community’ spirit among parents/carers and staff of Barnes Infant Academy and raise extra funds for expenses outside of the school budget. FoBs’ goal is to improve the learning experiences of pupils and make every day more rewarding, exciting and fun.

What we do

  • Enable parents/carers to help Barnes in and out of the classroom
  • Promote Barnes Infant Academy in the wider community
  • Organise school social events and activities
  • Fundraise for Barnes and selected charities
Every child benefits from the extra funds raised by FoBs and parents/carers enjoy a stronger sense of community and connection with teachers, governors, school values and direction.

How you can help

Get involved. We value any help, big or small, whether it’s time, skill or money. Here are some suggestions:
  • Design a poster for an event
  • Help with school events
  • “Bring and buy” cake sales and coffee mornings
  • Sell school raffle tickets
  • Be a FoBs’ ambassador by telling others about Barnes
  • Pledge 30 minutes each term and make a big difference!
  • Attend one of our meetings

Get in touch

If you can’t attend please contact us with ideas and contributions. We rely on parent support – FoBs is only as good as the people involved!