Charitable Support

Barnes Infant Academy supports local, national and international charitable causes. Foremost we believe in supporting causes within our local community.
Sunderland, like many UK cities has its fair share of unemployment; a housing crisis; poverty and an ageing population. For many families locally, food and clothing banks have become an essential arm of support and are entirely self-funded. We believe that by addressing concerns on our doorstep we can help the whole community be more resilient and able to tackle injustices and social problems further away from home. As well as direct support for local concerns, the school will also donate to national charities if they have a strong local representation such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.
The school also partakes in its own personal fundraising drives including harvest festivals and summer fetes to help pay for essential equipment and support underprivileged pupils within our own gates.
Encouraging a spirit of charity
An important role of Barnes’ staff is to make the children aware of the reasons for these events beyond them being something out of the ordinary. Festivals and end of term cake bakes for example, will clearly state whom the funds are for and why they are collected.
Instead of just following orders from teachers or parents, staff explain more about the range of charities and causes that can be donated to. We also ask parents and Friends of Barnes (FoBs) to engage children with charity, to help them develop their own ideas around charitable giving rather than defaulting to the most popular causes.
The website provides regular updates on the charities we are supporting.