Headteacher - Mrs J A Belshaw

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs J Rushworth
Assistant Headteacher - Miss J Young


Teaching Staff 

Teacher – Mrs A Bate
Teacher – Mrs K Froud
Teacher – Miss A Begum
Teacher – Miss S Cuthbertson
Teacher – Miss L Eggleston
Teacher – Mrs K Fucile - SENCO
Teacher – Mrs L Taylor
Teacher – Miss G Letchford
Teacher – Mrs C Monaghan
Teacher – Miss C Robinson - SENCO
Teacher – Mrs V McGregor

Teacher – Mrs L Rolfe (Maternity)
Teacher – Mrs V Hall

Teacher - Mrs A Watson

Teacher - Mrs N Hunt

Teaching Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Miss A Dixon

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mrs A Hughes (Maternity)

Teaching Assistant – Mrs P Bainbridge
Teaching Assistant – Mrs L Charlton
Teaching Assistant – Mrs J Dickinson

Teaching Assistant – Miss D Ellwood
Teaching Assistant – Miss L Hetherington
Teaching Assistant – Mrs J Hope

Teaching Assistant - Mrs V Lindsay (Maternity)
Teaching Assistant – Mrs C Penny
Teaching Assistant – Mrs G Prior
Teaching Assistant – Mr C Sayers

Teaching Assistant - Mrs L Morrell
Classroom Support Assistant - Mr S Lowe

SEN Support - Miss A Lynn


Office Staff

Academy Business Manager – Mrs A Campbell

Finance and Data Assistant - Mrs D Potts

Administrator - Mr J Sidney


Extended Services

Breakfast Club Workers – Ms L Hamilton and Mrs L Charlton
After School Club Workers – Mrs G Evans and Mr S Lowe
Lunchtime Support

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs V Gee
Lunchtime Supervisor – Mrs S Duncan
Lunchtime Supervisor – Miss G Evans
Lunchtime Supervisor – Mrs K Hope

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs L Johnson

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mr S Lowe
Lunchtime Supervisor – Mrs L Morrell
Lunchtime Supervisor – Mrs P White 

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Bartell

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs K Huntley


Site Management

Caretaker / Site Manager – Mr P Wile