Learning Outside the Classroom



Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) is an integral part of school life, furthering the education of the pupils. When outdoor learning and visits are arranged for pupils, they support the social and academic needs of the pupils. LOtC takes a variety of forms. At Barnes Infant Academy, learning outside the classroom describes any learning opportunity which does not solely involve teacher instruction, within the classroom environment.  LOtC includes but is not exclusive or limited to:

  • Learning within the outdoor environment
  • External trips and visits
  • Exploration of our school and its surroundings
  • Curriculum projects
  • Theme days/weeks
  • Performance
Mission Statement
Barnes Infant Academy endeavours to provide valuable experiences beyond the world of the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, to all pupils no matter their age, ability or circumstances.
Barnes Infant Academy aims to:

  • To provide a range of outdoor learning experiences for all children no matter of their individual needs
  • To offer pupils exciting and stimulating experiences to enthuse them in their learning journey
  • To develop the outdoor learning environment to significantly contribute towards the raising of standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development
  • To advocate learning outside the classroom to enable pupils to apply their learning in different and real-world contexts and to broaden their horizons and aspirations for their future lives
  • To support curriculum development through using the local environment and community
  • To offer opportunities outside of the classroom for pupils to further develop their social skills, confidence and self-esteem
  • To promote learning outside the classroom to add value to the children’s everyday experiences in the classroom
  • To encourage opportunities for achievement to be celebrated, through concerts, award ceremonies
  • To employ knowledgeable and enthusiastic adults, who are crucial to unlocking the potential of outdoors
Our Offer
Learning within the outdoor environment
The Academy site includes a specifically designed outdoor environment, which is continuously enhanced and where new opportunities are sought to further improve and develop to increase its efficacy and enable the provision of improved outcomes for children.  
External trips and visits
Opportunities for children to engage in learning beyond the school grounds are actively encouraged. Educational visits are planned to complement and extend learning by taking learners beyond their familiar environment, stimulate their curiosity and imagination and motivate children in a powerful way.

The local environment
The Academy utilises the local environment and all classes are encouraged to make visits into the local community including:

  • Visiting local religious and community buildings
  • Taking part in local festivals and events
  • Going to use local resources such as libraries and museums
  • Exploring local amenities such as parks

Curriculum projects
Specific curriculum projects are planned outside of the classroom to promote understanding and application of learning.
Theme days/weeks
The Academy holds themed days and weeks linked to areas of learning. External visits and guest speakers may form part of the themed event.
All children are given the opportunity to take part in performances outside of the classroom. Children often perform for their peers as well as parents/carers and school staff and Governors.
Extra-curricular activities

A range of extra-curricular activities are provided. The programme changes regularly and promotes learning outside of the classroom. Children are able to sign up take part in activities with parental consent.